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We Can Do More

Scott Spielman

for Los Altos City Council

We Can Do More

Scott Spielman

for Los Altos City Council

Friends and Neighbors,

I am running for Los Altos City Council because I believe in our city, I believe in you, and I believe that together WE CAN DO MORE to:

  • Provide transparency and accountability within the city government.
  • Ensure fiscal responsibility with quarterly budget reviews.
  • Focus and promote city priorities for effective results.
  • Keep our city safe from crime and provide safe streets for all.
  • Maintain and improve our infrastructure and parklands and focus on achievable environmental objectives.
  • Mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on our businesses and city services.
  • Listen, and respect the needs of all constituents – residents, business and property owners, commissioners, parents, teachers, youth, and seniors.
  • Foster a cooperative and rewarding environment between council and staff.

I have embraced challenges throughout my career. My engineering and sales/marketing experience makes me uniquely qualified to analyze complex problems and find creative and effective solutions.

I will bring strong leadership, integrity, and the ability to foster collaboration on critical issues that confront and challenge us today. I pledge to build teamwork with other council members and the city staff in order to improve civic discourse. 

If elected, I am confident that with my leadership WE CAN DO MORE to resolve the issues our city faces and produce optimal outcomes for Los Altos.

Scott Spielman

Scott Spielman


The next council will face issues due to the unprecedented circumstances of 2020. We will have to make tough decisions on how we deliver services and maintain our city parks, roads, and other infrastructure in a rapidly changing and unpredictable environment. Our businesses have been severely affected, and it is unlikely we will know the full extent of the economic losses until well into next year.

Financial Stewardship/Oversight

COVID-19 has and will continue to cause a decrease in city revenues. We do not know how long the pandemic will last and to what degree our residents, businesses and property owners will be affected. 

I will work to:

  • Implement a sound financial policy that anticipates a substantial loss of revenue. We should be prepared for the worst and ready to enjoy any better result for the next few years.  
  • Carefully review and manage the budget. Simplified monthly financial statements will shed light on the city’s financial condition and allow residents to understand how taxpayer money is being spent.  
  • Improve the Two-Year Financial Plan with accurate forecasting and budgeting in order to ensure continuation of the high quality of services Los Altos residents expect. 
  • Analyze consultant contracts so we only pay consultants for projects that require specific expertise we do not have on staff.
  • Prioritize funds for public safety, street maintenance, and City infrastructure.
  • Collaborate more closely with financial commissioners, who are appointed on the basis of their considerable expertise to help Council manage the budget.
  • Ensure Los Altos is an attractive place to work so we can hire and retain the best employees.

Local Zoning Control 

Single family homes are under attack by legislators in Sacramento under the guise of providing affordable housing. Most of these housing bills benefit big developers and will not provide below-market rate homes for our teachers, police officers, and service workers. 

I will work to:

  • Make certain we have clear, comprehensive and objective zoning codes that adhere to our General Plan and protect the city’s character and our quality of life.
  • Hold Council, commissions and staff accountable for adhering to our codes to support growth that keeps our residential areas from overdevelopment while providing economic opportunities for commercial districts.
  • Collaborate with other cities to make our positions known to Sacramento and other regional agencies so we can benefit from being united as a group of cities rather than one city with one voice.

Resident Involvement and Transparency of
City Government

Transparency in our city government is an ongoing concern. All residents deserve to be heard and respected by the city council and staff, and to be informed of actions taken on their behalf.

I will work to:
  • Make certain all staff and commission reports are made public in a timely manner, as dictated by Council Norms. Require complete and balanced information in these reports so council members have all the details needed to make decisions and residents understand financial and other impacts. 
  • Institute more opportunities for community engagement so that stakeholders’ voices are heard at City Hall. 
  • Provide more complete minutes of regular and special council meetings so residents can quickly determine what transpired and provide feedback. 
  • Streamline council meetings by focusing first on priority issues. With only two regular council meetings each month, we must make the most of them.

Public Safety/School Safety 

At this volatile time when violent crime is increasing in America, we need to support our Los Altos Police while honoring diversity. Our safety, our children’s safety, and the safety of all races, creeds and genders is paramount.

I will work to:
  • Make our streets safer especially when our children are going to and from school. This is crucial during peak school hours.
  • Provide SEE-ME flags at intersections where needed until crossing guards are hired.
  • Add one more traffic patrol officer to help reduce speeding on our residential streets and our major thoroughfares.  
  • Support ongoing training to help our police officers deal with the myriad of challenges they face in a fair and just manner. 
  • Provide more crime protection for all residents and businesses in Los Altos by ensuring our police department is adequately staffed and funded.


Climate change is everyone’s concern. While we need to embrace new and existing technology to make significant change, some measures are far more effective than others in reducing emissions. Moreover, California has the most stringent building standards of any state in the nation.

I will work to:
  • Give residents the freedom to choose the energy sources for their homes consistent with state mandates.
  • Continue and expand Los Altos programs for clean air, water, solid and e-waste disposal that reflect the values of the majority of residents.
  • Promote installation of electric vehicle charging stations in residences and public spaces. Encourage planting of new trees in public parks and in residential areas.
  • Encourage planting of new trees in public parks and residential areas.


Los Altos youth represent the future. It’s important to provide them with local opportunities for social interaction and leadership training. Early exposure to city government will foster a sense of civic responsibility. Involvement with local businesses and non-profit organizations will offer opportunities to gain workplace experience and give back to the community.

I will work to:
  • Promote programs for youth including LAYC dances and recreation department activities.
  • Emphasize youth training and leadership development such as public speaking, healthy living, and lessons in local government.
  • Involve young people in discussing, researching and recommending solutions to issues they face.
  • Encourage activities that serve those in need in our community, such as grocery shopping and picking up prescriptions for seniors during and after the COVID crisis.
  • Support the Youth Commission.


Our seniors are a large and vibrant part of our population and enjoy activities and facilities the City provides.

I will work to:

  • Fully fund Grant Park Senior Center facility improvements (e.g., a new kitchen) that have been in the top five Capital Improvements Program, but have been ignored for years.
  • Make certain a Grant Park Master Plan is completed using professional outreach methodology to ensure reliable results. The plan should consider all options for additional recreational activities. Until a Master Plan is completed, I oppose implementing any changes at Grant Park.
  • Support on-going phone check-ins for seniors who desire this service. I applaud the Recreation Department staff for their outstanding work contacting seniors during the COVID crisis.

Meet Scott

My wife and I have enjoyed living in Los Altos for more than 30 years. We raised our children here, and we plan to continue to live here during retirement. That’s why I want to make an investment in the city by serving on the City Council. I have the heart, I have the time and I have the energy to make this commitment.


  • Master’s degree in Civil Engineering, University of Virginia
  • MBA Stanford University
  • Master’s degree in Divinity, Western Seminary

Professional Career:

I spent my professional career analyzing and solving complex problems:

  • Seven years as a civil engineer with major clients like the Boston Transportation Authority in Boston and the Baltimore/Washington International Airport, where I was responsible for onsite engineering during a major remodel.
  • Thirteen years in marketing and sales providing customer solutions at HP, IBM and two startups.
Scott and family
Scott coaching

Public Service:

I have long been active in our local community as a

  • Youth athletic coach for many years for boys and girls basketball, soccer, baseball and softball.
  • Board member and past president of Kiwanis.

Local Government:

I currently serve as vice chair of the Los Altos Parks and Recreation Commission (PARC) and track the work of Council and other city commissions, particularly the finance and planning commissions because of the impact those bodies have on the future of our city. 

As a PARC commissioner, I worked collaboratively with my fellow commissioners, city staff and residents to assess the feasibility of both fenced and off-leash dog parks, as requested by Council. My leadership and conflict resolution skills helped craft unifying compromises on this complex issue.

With less parkland than surrounding communities, I am committed to maintain and improve what we have, and expand open spaces and parks for the benefit of all residents. 

As an involved citizen, I’ve followed Council’s discussions and policies on a wide variety of difficult issues. Fiscal and planning decisions are particularly difficult in light of state housing mandates and the COVID crisis. The city is currently facing litigation on several fronts. 

All of this experience provides me with insight I will need as a Council Member to solve equally challenging problems. Combined with my professional and volunteer experience, I offer leadership, teamwork and problem solving skills to serve the community.

Los Altos is home to me and my family. I hope you will support me in my desire to deepen my commitment to this wonderful city by serving as your city council member.


I have served with Scott Spielman for more than a year on the Parks and Recreation Commission. As Vice-Chair, Scott is dedicated to our community and committed to progress. Scott addresses the issues that Los Altos has grappled with for a decade, and drives to resolution. He gets it done by visiting our parks, leading public workshops, and canvassing neighborhoods door to door. I appreciate his tireless commitment to engage our community, ensuring that every one of our voices is heard. Additionally, Scott cares about the environment. He supported my effort to ban glyphosate (Round-up) in our parks.

Scott is a proven, dedicated, and effective public servant. This is obvious to everyone who works with him. But what you may not know is the warmth of his personality, empathy, and genuine concern for others.

I whole-heartedly endorse Scott Spielman for City Council.

Tanya Lindermeier
Chair of the Los Altos Parks and Recreation Commission

I endorse Scott Spielman for the Los Altos City Council. Scott is a resident centric candidate that will protect the residents of Los Altos.

Carey Lai

As a seventy-five-year resident of Los Altos, retired from a thirty-five year medical practice, I know Los Altos needs Scott Spielman on our City Council. I have known Scott for more than forty years. He is very honest and trustworthy; he is the kind of doer who will get things done. I fully endorse Scott Spielman for Los Altos City Council.

Frank White

I am endorsing Scott Spielman for Los Altos City Council.

Los Altos city council needs more resident focused members, people from our community that are like you and me, neighbors who care about our schools, our parks and in general how our precious resources are being used to best elevate -all- of us, not just a select few who are "in the know".

Scott is an engineer and pastor, and the values he carries from these life experiences come through when you spend time with him as I have. Scott is an independent thinker, one who listens carefully and -then- gives his reasoned thoughts. Scott is not a career politician, he's a caring resident with a strong sense of activism and a leader who motivates those around him with love and compassion.

Los Altos will be a better place with Scott Spielman as a strong ethical and compassionate leader.

Fred Haubensak

I have known Scott Spielman for the past five years and have found him to be a man of integrity.

Scott has a deep conviction that settling for “how things are” is not good enough. He knows that there are always options and opportunities to improve the conditions and situations that exist. He is not afraid to work hard to make those opportunities a reality. Scott is a moral Godly man with a passion to do what is right. The man I know will roll up his shirt sleeves and actively work for the community. Scott is reliable and dependable, a self-starter that will “Get it Done”. You can’t do better than Scott Spielman for Los Altos City Council.

Leonard Hantz

I’m endorsing Scott Spielman for Los Altos City Council. Here’s why. Scott cares about people. Scott votes with his time working in youth sports, the Kiwanis, in business, and Church, helping people one person at a time. Scott can lead. As Vice Chair of the Parks and Rec Commission, he knows how to get people to work as a team in a city setting. He’s run sports teams, sales teams, a church, and the Kiwanis. Scott can roll up his sleeves: he’s done it for business, and we need him to work for the City. Scott’s fiscal sense of spending and his empathy for the residents means that he believes in development done wisely, not haphazardly. He will defend the rights of all city residents in all corners of the city.

Pierre Bedard
Chair, Los Altos Library Commission

Scott Spielman will be a great addition to our City Council. He brings a wealth of experience from a business and community standpoint. His leadership on the Parks and Recreation Commission has shown his ability to navigate the City’s processes, resolve “thorny” issues and get “resident-focused” objectives accomplished.

Nancy Ellickson
Chair, Los Altos Public Arts Commission

Sandy James, former Mayor of Cupertino

Robert Knourek

Pat Marriot

Roger and Kathline Heyder

Rich Homoner

John Reed

Martin Katz

Rachel Corn

We would like to express our support for Scott Spielman for City Council. We've known Scott for over 15 years and know him to be a man of high character and integrity. He is a critical thinker and tireless worker. In addition to his strong professional qualifications (including a masters in engineering and Stanford MBA), he is a wonderful husband and father. He is passionate about Los Altos and has a long history of volunteering throughout our community.

As residents of Los Altos since 1993, we know that Scott would bring a much needed independent voice and "get it done" attitude to the council. He has the experience, skills, and personal characteristics to lead Los Altos during these difficult times. We are confident that Scott will make a great addition to our city council.

Joe and Vicki Perna

Because you're willing to listen to and represent the interests of all Los Altos residents, I am writing today to endorse your candidacy for the position of Los City Council member and express my intention to vote for you during the upcoming 2020 election.

John Corrigan

It's my pleasure to support Scott Spielman for a seat on our Los Altos City Council on November 3rd. I know he will pursue and uphold accountability and transparency in Los Altos City governance. He will fight for keeping our City's control of local zoning and maintain and preserve our parks and associated "city owned" lands. He will also improve Senior Meeting Facilities at Grant Park, by taking a common sense position on what is necessary for the whole neighborhood.

Scott is a great communicator who will continue to inform and involve Los Altos residents about issues important and crucial to our many neighborhoods.

Roland Dow and Kathleen Dow

I endorse Scott for city council because he is my friend and a great family person without any ties to special interests. Scott exudes integrity, honesty, and empathy. Scott loves this gem of a town – especially its village atmosphere and our outdoor open spaces.

Frank Martin

I have known Scott for many years and have worked with him while teaching at Los Altos High School. Scott is committed to our community and I particularly saw his commitment to the youth at Los Altos. He is informed, thoughtful and has a positive attitude toward improving our schools and our city. He would be an asset on our city council.

Carol Evans
Teacher at Los Altos High School

I have known Scott for two years through volunteer work together. I found him invariably attentive to the thoughts of the various members of the group, always thinking of practical solutions, and aware of his surroundings and the needs of others. Practical, experienced and
eager to partner with the residents of Los Altos for our tomorrow. I heartily endorse Scott Spielman for Los Altos City Council.

Michele Coldiron

I endorse Scott Spielman for City Council. He will bring a fresh perspective into city government. His business experience will help bring accountability and transparency to city operations. We need integrity, honesty, and common sense. I urge you to vote for Scott Spielman, he will bring all that and more to the Council.

Freddie Park Wheeler,
Commissioner, Los Altos Library Commission

Residents of Los Altos will benefit from your representation.

Mike Ellerin

I enthusiastically endorse Scott Spielman for City Council. As a fellow Park and Recreation Commissioner, I’ve seen Scott in action. He is a fast learner, a strong leader and makes resident centric decisions. I know he will bring these same qualities to his role of Los Altos City Council member. Scott is a leader who reaches out to all constituents, builds bridges and does what it takes to get the job done. Scott will bring strength and fresh ideas to our City Council. Vote for Scott. He’s what Los Altos needs in a City Council Member!

Teresa Morris, Commissioner
Los Altos Parks and Recreation Commission

I have lived in Los Altos for the past 20 years – having moved here from New York – and have come to learn that its city government is characterized by self-dealing, special interests, and fiscal irresponsibility; sort of a miniaturized version of City Hall in New York, but with easier parking. And that is why I am endorsing Scott Spielman for City Council. His decency, honesty, even-handedness, and genuine interest in the well-being of all the residents of Los Altos will bring much needed transparency and accountability to our city government.

Stephen Haber 

Los Altos Residents endorses Scott Spielman for City Council.

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